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Chasing the California Super Bloom

Chasing the California Super Bloom

Every year during spring, the California desert explodes into a wildflower “super bloom!” Imagine a desert hillside transformed from a sandy wasteland into beautiful carpets of colors. With the high rainfall of the past year, we knew the super bloom was imminent. We knew we had to see it before it’s gone. #FOMO to the max!

While we knew the super bloom would happen, we still had to chase it. See, the super bloom peak only last for a short window of time. Usually a week or two at most. Also, different regions and different flowers bloom at different times. Thus, we had to chase these blooms from week to week from desert to desert.

To catch the super bloom, we checked flower reports weekly before driving out to the blooms. If reports indicated peak status, we would make the trek to the area. It took us about four weekends to capture the following marvelous photos.


Antelope Valley and Carrizo Plain

We wanted to see the carpets of wildflowers. For the best carpets of wildflowers, we drove to Antelope Valley and Carrizo Plain.

Golden Poppies of Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve peak around late March. Hence, we visited Antelope Valley in March. We were blown away by the fact that the rolling hillsides were a brilliant orange.

California Golden Poppies
California Golden Poppies


Dominated by Goldfields, wildflowers of Carrizo Plain National Monument peak around late March through April. Carrizo Plain brought out the inner child in us. We just wanted to frolick around the goldfields taking cheesy selfies.

Goldfields up close
Carpets of Yellow


Joshua Tree

Not all super blooms consisted of a single wildflower type. Besides wildflowers, we visited Joshua Tree National Park to see other blossoms from cacti to ocotillos. Depending on the plant, blooms were visible within February to early April.

Cholla Cactus
Cholla Cactus

Mojave Aster


Catus Bloom

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