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Five Views of Grand Teton National Park

Five Views of Grand Teton National Park

While some people might say that the view from any vantage point in Jackson Hole is a great view of the Teton mountain range, we think that some views are better than others.  Located just north of Jackson, Wyoming, the Tetons in, wait for it, Grand Teton National Park, dominate just about every viewpoint, hike, and boat ride.  

Driving the scenic loop is the most common way of viewing the park.  To save you from stopping every two minutes along the supposedly two-hour park loop (it took us four hours with all the stops), we have compiled a list of the best spots to see and photograph Tetons of Grand Teton National Park along the loop.  Maps of the scenic loop are available at park visitor centers. We’ve also included one below.


Iconic View of Grand Teton National Park

We found the most iconic view of the Tetons at the Snake River Overlook. Regarded as one of the most significant photos of the West, famed National Park photographer Ansel Adams established this iconic location with his photo “The Tetons and the Snake River.”  

Mormon Row
Snake River Overlook


View with Historic Buildings

Mormon Row has some of the best preserved historic buildings in the park.  With a picturesque backdrop of the Tetons, Mormon Row consists of a series of old farm buildings. Several aspen trees also grow alongside the old farmhouses and would be amazing to see in autumn time.

Mormon Row
Mormon Row


Detailed View

There are many spots to get close, detailed shots of the mountains. One could see the mountains up close at Jenny Lake or Leigh Lake. Our favorite place to photograph a detailed shot of the Tetons is at the Mt. Moran turnout.  The turnout is angled in such a way that photographers can capture the Teton range at profile instead of a straight-on shot.

Teton Range from Mt. Moran turnout
Teton Range from Mt. Moran turnout


Room with a View

The view of the Tetons when you enter the living room/lobby of Jackson Lake Lodge is one of the most beautiful views we have ever seen from any national park lodge.  The mountains gracefully beckon to you from the 60-foot tall windows, like benevolent kings presiding over their awestruck subjects.  

We didn’t know the Teton range and Jackson Lake Lodge would be so breathtakingly beautiful, so we had only allocated enough time for a day trip there.  In hindsight, we would probably spend a night at Jackson Lake Lodge to just relax and lounge in the lodge’s beautiful living room and outdoor patio, just gazing at the towering rocks from late afternoon until sunset.

Jackson Lake Lodge's view of the Teton range
Jackson Lake Lodge’s view of the Teton range


Lunch with a View

The pizza, great local beer selection, and hearty sausage corn chowder are alone enough reasons to stop by Dornan’s Pizza Pasta Company during your scenic loop of the park, but like frosting on a cupcake, this family-run restaurant also sports a panoramic view of the Tetons. While not as spectacular as the view from Jackson Lake Lodge, Dornan probably wins the prize for the best view from a pizza joint.  

Dornan's Pizza Pasta Company
Dornan’s Pizza Pasta Company



Scenic loop route with the locations of the mentioned views.


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