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The New Grand Prismatic Spring Overlook

The New Grand Prismatic Spring Overlook

Providing a panoramic view of the Midway Geyser Basin, the new high vantage point Grand Prismatic Spring overlook quietly opened in July 2017. Historically, visitors walked the Midway Geyser Basin walkway to view the Grand Prismatic Spring. Once you’re at the overlook, you will be amazed by the size and the depth of the colors of the Grand Prismatic Spring. The new high vantage point overlook does not appear on any road signs or maps. Thus, finding the new overlook can be a challenge. Excited for the new, the Trail Ninjas ventured out of the Midway Geyser Basin looking for this new elusive outlook.  After driving around the area for about an hour, we found the route to the new overlook.

Hike to the new Grand Prismatic Spring Overlook

Length: ~1.6 Miles round trip

  • Start at the Fairy Falls parking lot.
  • From the parking lot, hike across the bridge to the trail.
  • Follow the trail for approximately ~.7 miles
  • You will eventually see a split on the trail. Left takes you to the overlook. A small “Trail” sign also points to the left but does not indicate the overlook.
  • Hike up the trail for about .1 mile and you will arrive at the new Grand Prismatic Overlook.


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