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Stunning Fall Colors of Acadia National Park

Stunning Fall Colors of Acadia National Park

Last week, the Trail Ninjas ventured to Acadia National Park for some fall colors. Autumn is a fantastic time to be in New England to watch the leaves change, and Acadia is no different. Red and Orange adorned areas of Cadillac Mountain to Jordon Pond.  We planned months in advance for the visit as we knew mid-October to early November was the peak season for fall colors in Maine. We found cars and people crowded into the areas near Bar Harbor and the around the Park Loop. It is that time of year where all leaf peepers were looking for amazing colors of the park to pop.  I guess we were no different.


Finding Solitude

However, once we started heading west, we found solitude in on the carriageway up to Hadlock Falls.  Covered with layers of leaves, we noticed this path appeared to be rarely traffic. We gingerly walked around the leaves hoping that we wouldn’t disturb their place of rest.

Without the distraction of people, our senses heighten. We heard water trickle down creeks as leaves slowly drifted downstream. We walked in silence for hours, watching the fall colors emerge, only hearing the leaves rustle in the gentle breeze.  Everytime the wind blew, we viewed the leaves flutter around us like a dreamy romantic movie scene.


Climbing High

Besides strolling through the carriageways, the Trail Ninjas found some of the best views of the fall colors came from high vantage points.  There’s probably no better hike to see fall colors than an AM hike up to the Beehive.  After climbing up in the morning, we thought this might be a better location to watch the sunrise than the all too popular Cadillac Mountain. As we climbed up and down from the Beehive, the forest treated us to a canopy of orange, yellow and reds.   Most noteworthy, we found a unparallel peace at The Bowl lake with fall colors surrounding its banks.


Embracing Mystery

At first, we thought our park visit would be ruined due to the pending fog and rain. However, this only intensified our experience as we strolled through different parts of the park.  The rain and mist drove out the tourists and left the park to ourselves. Thus, we decided to take a stroll around Jordon Pond during the misty afternoon.  With every turn on the trail, we found the trees and lakes shrouded in mystery. We found an unusual blend of calmness and anxiety when the park is devoid of sounds. Sporadically, this silence would be interrupted by a short rain shower.  The light pitter-patter of raindrops on leaves soothed our hearts as we finished our trip around the lake.


So much to do, but so little time. An all too often phrase we say to ourselves.  The fall colors of Acadia were amazing! Acadia, we shan’t be strangers, we will see you again.



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